24hrs Emergency Call Out

Read this if your refrigerator is no longer making its content cold.

Is your refrigerator no longer making any of the contents in it cold or appears to be off?

Before you call out a technician, here are a few tips to troubleshoot that could save you money:

* This may sound basic, but ensure that the power is on.
* Is it plugged in tightly?
* Does the plug work? Plug another appliance into the same plug to double check.
* Check that there is no damage to the cord itself.
* Ensure that the thermostat is turned on and set at the correct level. This can easily be bumped and moved when removing goods from the fridge.
* Check that the back of your refrigerator is clean and not full of dust as this could cause obstructions.
* Does the light bulb turn off when you close your refrigerator?
* Is there a build up of ice or frost on the inside walls of the freezer or fridge?

These are just a few ways that you can ensure it is running optimally!  Refrigerator

The key is regular maintenance and servicing of your refrigerator to keep it running smoothly for many years.

For services, maintenance or any repairs on your home, retail or industrial refrigeration unit, be sure to contact a qualified team of professionals like R&H Projects to assist you.